Italian (and European) photo album

What am I?

I'm an art teacher and an artist interested in old art and architecture. I've been travelling through Europe during my holidays to see, study and enjoy the cultural heritage and nature of several European countries. I'm especially interested in the Netherlands, because I live here, and in Italy, because of its overwhelming cultural richness. A small selection of the 12000 slides I made during that voyages can be found on this site now.

What am I not?

I'm not a professional photographer. The photographs I took, and still take, have no artistic pretension and are not made for commercial purposes. I took them to remember what I saw, to use them in my art-lessons and, later, to illustrate this web-site.
Internet offers me the great possibility to share my pictures with the rest of the world.
I hope you will enjoy watching them!
Niek Jongeneel

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